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Below are recent publications authored by members of the UPP faculty. For more complete information about a faculty member’s publications and research, please visit their individual profiles.

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Papers in refereed journals

Al-Kodmany, K. (2014). “Green Towers: Toward Sustainable and Iconic Design.” International Journal of Architecture and Planning Research.  Vol. 8, No. 1.March Issue, pp. 11-28.

Al-Kodmany, K. and Ali, M. (2013). “Importing Exceptional Buildings: Transforming Urban Arabian Peninsula into Skyscraper Cities.” Open House International. Vol. 38, No. 4, pp. 101-110.

Al-Kodmany, K., Ali, M., and Zhang, T (2013). “Importing Urban Giants: Skyscrapers in Shanghai and Dubai.” International Journal of Architecture and Planning Research.  Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 22-42.

Al-Kodmany, K. (2013). “Crowd Management and Urban Design: New Scientific Approaches.” The Journal of Urban Design International. Vol. 18, No.4, pp. 282–295.

Al-Kodmany, K. (2013). “The Visual Integration of Tall Buildings: New Technologies and the City Skyline.” The Journal of Urban Technology. Vol. 20, No. 2, pp. 25-44.

Al-Kodmany, K. (2013). “Placemaking in the High-Rise City: Architectural and urban design analyses.” International Journal of High-Rise Buildings. Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 153-169.

Al-Kodmany, K. (2011). “Tall Buildings, Design, and Technology: Visions for the Twenty-First Century City.”  The Journal of Urban Technology, Vol. 18, No 3., pp. 113-138.

Al-Kodmany, K. (2011). “Placemaking by Tall Buildings.” The International Journal of Urban Design. Advance online publication 14 September 2011, pp.1-18.  

Al-Kodmany, K. (2011). “Planning for Safety: The Case of Stoning of the Devil in Hajj.”  The Journal of Architectural and Planning Research. Vol. 28, No.1, pp. 28-44.

Ashton, Philip, Doussard, Marc, and Rachel Weber. Reconstituting the local state: City powers and exposures in Chicago’s infrastructure leases. Forthcoming in Urban Studies, Special issue on “Financialization and the Production of Urban Space.”

Ashton, Philip, and Brett Christophers. On arbitration, arbitrage and arbitrariness in financial markets and their governance: Unpacking LIBOR and the LIBOR scandal. Forthcoming in Economy and Society.

Ashton, P. (2014)” The evolving juridical space of harm/value: Remedial powers in the subprime mortgage crisis”. Forthcoming in Journal of Economic Issues, Special Issue on Commons, Finance, and Social Control.

John J. Betancur (2011). “Gentrification and Community Fabric.” Urban Studies Vol 48 (February). 42 pages.

John Betancur and Tuzin Baycant. (2011). Diversity in Urban Planning in Steven Knotter, Rob De Lobel, Lena Tsipouri & Vanja Stenius (eds.) “Diversity Research and Policy A Multidisciplinary Exploration, Amsterdam”: Amsterdam University Press, 2011.

John J. Betancur. (2014). “Gentrification in Latin America: Overview and Critical Analysis.” Urban Studies Research Vol 2014, Article ID986961 Online, 14 Pages.

Drucker, J.,&  Feser, E. (2012). “Regional industrial structure and agglomeration economies: An analysis of productivity in three manufacturing industries”. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42 (1-2): 1-14.

Drucker, J. (2011).” Regional industrial concentration in the United States”. Trends and implications.  Economic Geography, 87 (4): 421-452.

Xiao, Y., and Drucker, J. (2013). “Does economic diversity enhance regional disaster resilience?”
Journal of the American Planning Association, 29 (2), April: 148-160.

Hoch, Charles. (2011). “The planning research agenda: planning theory for practice”. Town Planning Review. 82(2): vii-xv.

Hoch, Charles and Lan Wang. (2013). (Tongji University) “Pragmatic Rational Planning: Comparing Shanghai and Chicago”. Planning Theory, 12(4):369-390.”

M. Jaffe and M. Woloszyn. (2014). “An initial assessment of winter climate adaptation measures for the City of Chicago”.  Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal. 6 (2): 5-25 (April). 2014.  Utopia, scenario, plan: a pragmatic integration. Planning Theory, online, 1-17

Kawamura, K., and L. Rashidi. "Economic, Environmental and Congestion Impacts of Trucking" in Procedia Social and Environmental Science, Elsevier

Brenda Parker and Rachel Weber. (2013). “Second-Hand Spaces:  Restructuring Retail Geographies in an Era of eCommerce.” Urban Geography 34 (8):1096-1118.

Cottrill, C. and P. Thakuriah (2011).” Privacy and Gender: Reviewing women’s attitudes towards privacy in the context of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Location Based Services (LBS)”. In Women’s Issues in Transportation, Vol. 2, National Research Council, pp. 117-126.

N. Brenner, J. Peck, and N. Theodore (2011) “¿Y después de la neoliberalización? Estrategias metodológicas para la investigación de las transformaciones regulatorias contemporáneas.” Urban NS1: 21-40.

A. Bernhardt, M. Spiller, and N. Theodore (2013) “Employers Gone Rogue: Explaining Industry Variation in Violations of Labor Standards,” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 66(4): 808-832.

Tilahun, N. and Yingling Fan (2014) “Transit and Job Accessibility: An Empirical Study of Access to Competitive Clusters and Regional Growth Strategies for Enhancing Transit Accessibility”. Transport Policy, Volume 33, pp. 17-25.

Vidyarthi, S., Basmajian, C. (2013).” Making sense of India's spatial plan-making practice: Enduring approach or emergent variations?” Planning Theory & Practice 14(1):57-74.

Rachel Weber and Sara O’Neill-Kohl. (2013). “The Historical Roots of Tax Increment Financing, or How Real Estate Consultants Kept Urban Renewal Alive” Economic Development Quarterly 27(4).

Iannone III, B. V.; Zellner, M.L.; Wise, D. H.; (2014). “Modeling the impacts of life-history traits, canopy gaps, and establishment location on woodland shrub invasions.” Ecological Applications 24(3): 467-483.
Gonzalez-Meler, M.A.; Cotner, L.A.; Massey, D.A.; Zellner, M.L.; Minor, E.S.; 2013. “The Environmental and Ecological Benefits of Green Infrastructure for Storm water Runoff in Urban Areas. JSM Environmental Science and Ecology 1(2): 1007.

Zhang, T. (2013).” Urbanization Trends in America Since 2000”.Urban Planning Forum, 2013 No. 4 (Series No. 209) p.10-17

Zhang, T. (2014). ‘Planning as Coordination in an Interest-diversified World”. City Planning Review, No. 1, p.35-40

Zhang, T. (2014). “Economic Transition and Space Restructuring in American Cities since 2000”. Urban Planning Forum, 2014 No. 2 (Series No. 213) p.22-30

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Books and monographs

Al-Kodmany, K. and Riba, H. (2013).  Innovative Approaches to Sustainable Design: The Riba Green City Model. Alwan Publication, Chicago, IL. ISBN 9780989820608, 183 pages.  

John J. Betancur and Janet Smith. “Interpreting Neighborhood Change Today.”  Contract for publication signed with University of Illinois Press.  Manuscript weeks from completion

Zhang, Tingwei & Wang Lan, 2011, From CBD to CAZ: On Mixed Use Developments, Architecture & Building Press, Beijing, April 2011,126 pages with color maps

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Chapters in books

Ashton, Philip. 2014. Legacy costs in infrastructure: Is the cure worse than the disease? In Metropolitan Resilience in a Time of Economic Turmoil, Michael A. Pagano, ed. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press.

Newman, Kathe, and Philip Ashton. 2013. Neoliberal urban policy and new paths of neighborhood change in the American inner city. In The Affordable Housing Reader, J.R. Tighe and E. Mueller, eds. New York, NY: Routledge.

John J. Betancur, Karen Mossberger, Douglas C. Gills and Yue Zhang. “Standing in Two Worlds: Neighborhood Policy, the Civic Arena, and Ward-Based Politics in Chicago.” In a New Era: The Politics of Neighborhood Revitalization in the Post-industrial City edited by Clarence Stone et al.  University of Chicago Press.

John J. Betancur.  “Estudios Urbanos, Para Qué? Trayectoria Historica” (Urban Studies for What? Historial Trajectory.”  La Enseñanza de Temas Urbanos y Regionales edited by Paula Quinones, Claudia Carreno and Angelica Camargo, editors.

Kawamura, K. and Y.D. Lu. “Economy of Scale and the Role of Publicly Available Congestion Information for Local Delivery Industry: Agent-based simulation approach” in Taniguchi, E. and R. Thompson (Ed.) Innovations in City Logistics, New York, Nova Science.

N. Theodore (2014) “Working in the Shadow Zones of Urban Economies: Using Questionnaires to Research Hidden Populations,” in K. Ward, ed., Researching the City: A Guide for Students, 125-147. London: Sage.

N. Brenner, J. Peck and N. Theodore (2014) “New Constitutionalism and Variegated Neoliberalism,” in S. Gill and C. Cutler, eds., New Constitutionalism and WorldOrder. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

J. Peck and N. Theodore (2014) “On the Global Frontier of Post-Welfare Policymaking: Conditional Cash Transfers as Fast Social Policy,” in P Sandermann, ed., The End of Welfare as We Know It? Continuity and Change inWestern Welfare State Settings and Practices , 53-70. Opladen: Barbara Budrich Publishers.

N. Theodore (2013) “Low-Wage Work and the Fraying of the Social Safety Net,” in
M. Pagano, ed., Metropolitan Resilience in a Time of Economic Turmoil. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press.

N. Theodore and J. Peck (2013) “Selling Flexibility: Temporary Staffing in a Volatile Economy,” in J. Fudge and K. Strauss, eds., Temporary Work, Agencies and Unfree Labor; Insecurity in the New World of Work, 26-47. London: Routledge.

N. Theodore, J. Peck, and N. Brenner (2011) “Neoliberal Urbanism: Cities and the Rule of Markets,” in G. Bridge and S. Watson, eds., A New Companion to the City, 15-25.  London: Blackwell.

Rachel Weber, “Economic and Policy Cycles and the Great Recession” In Michael Pagano (ed.) Metropolitan Resilience in a Time of Economic Turmoil. University of Illinois Press, 2014.

Zhang, T. Reviewer, Urbanization, bio-diversity and ecosystem service: the Assessment of Shanghai, in The UN-CBO Project, published By NU-Habitat, Oct. 2013

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Ashton, Philip. Brief: Measuring Lending Discrimination in Light of Wal-Mart v. Dukes and Rodriguez v. National City Bank. Affidavit prepared for Plaintiff’s Counsel, Christian et al. v. Generation Mortgage Company, Case No. 12-cv-05336, October 3, 2013.

Sönmez, Z., Drucker, J, and Zelalem, Y. 2014. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Space Launch
John J. Betancur. “History and Theory of Urban Development, An Overview.” Chapter for the Handbook on Transport and Urban Planning in the Developed World edited by Michiel Bliemer, Corinne Mulley, and John Rose

M. Jaffe and M. Woloszyn.  2013.  Recommendations to the City of Chicago for Winter Climate Adaptation Measures and Climate Change Metrics.  Chicago, IL

Kawamura- 220 MPH High-Speed Rail Preliminary Feasibility Study.  Executive Report [September 2013] 34 pages

Andrew Greenlee, Sharon Lagenza, Janet Smith, Kate Walz. April 2011. Moving or Moving Up? Understanding Residential Mobility for Housing Choice Voucher Families in Illinois. A project of: Housing Action Illinois, UIC Voorhees Center, and Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law.

Janet Smith, Andrew Born, Megan Barcus, Jeanny Wang. January 2011. Open to All? Different Cultures, Same Communities: A look at immigrants and housing in Chicago’s northern suburbs. Report for Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs.

N. Theodore, B. Gutelius, and L. Burnham (2013) Home Truths: Domestic Work in California. New York: National Domestic Workers Alliance.

N. Theodore, N. Brenner and J. Peck (2014) “Gradovi pod vladavinom tržišta” [Cities Under the Rule of Markets], Zarez 21: 3-4.

Thea Crum, Eduardo Salinas, and Rachel Weber, “Building a People’s Budget:  Research and Evaluation Report on the 2012-2013 Participatory Budgeting Process in Chicago” Great Cities Institute, January 2014.

Massey, D.; Zellner, M. L.; Cotner, L; Minor, E.; Gonzalez-Meler, M.; 2010. “Landscape Green Infrastructure Design Model (L-GrID) User’s Manual. Report and software to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Chicago, IL: University of Illinois at Chicago.

Levine, J.; Zellner, M.; Shiftan, Y.; Arquero, M.; Diffenderfer, A.; 2013. “Effects of Automated Transit, Pedestrian, and Bicycling Facilities on Urban Travel Patterns.” Report to the Federal Highway Administration. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan.

Tingwei Zhang & Yu Y. Final report: Open space in Qianjiang Newtown, Oct. 2010.

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