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Caroline Rendon, Economic Development

View Caroline's paper Chicago Heights Community Profile. The paper was developed for the required core course UPP 502.

What is your academic and work background? What did you do before enrolling in the MUPP program at UIC?

I got my B.A. in Geography at Macalester College, then joined Lutheran Volunteer Corps and moved to Chicago to work in social services in Rogers Park. After that, I worked in the Learning department at Shedd Aquarium for two years.

What attracted you to planning and made you decide you wanted to be a planner?

I like seeing what is important and meaningful to people by studying cities; a city is a collection of lives being lived together in the same place.

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Why did you want to study planning at UIC?

I’ve lived in Chicago for four years and feel invested and attached to the city.

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What are some of the highlights of your time as a student--classes, projects, internships, volunteer involvement?

I’ve just finished my first semester, but my fellow MUPPs have been the greatest highlight of my time here so far.

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