Who we are

The people of UPP—faculty, staff, students and alumni, are one of the department’s most valuable resources. Being a member of the UPP community means students have the opportunity to build relationships with both full-time faculty and the many practitioners who teach courses or visit as guest lecturers. A strong network of almost 1,500 MUPP alumni in Chicago and beyond are a resource to students while enrolled and following graduation. Students consistently cite the value of the professional networks they build while on campus as a highlight of their time at UPP.


The UPP faculty is composed of tenure-track instructors at all ranks with a range of disciplinary perspectives as well as valuable experience in teaching, research, and service. Faculty in other research units and academic departments also are affiliated with UPP, and the department draws on Chicago's large planning community for adjunct instructors to teach specialized electives.


Ivis Garcia Zambrana
PhD graduate, 2015

Ivis was project leader for reports for the Illinois Latino Family Commission, the Governor and Illinois legislators, and worked on a large-scale documentary project with the City University of New York to record stories of Puerto Rican leaders living in and around Chicago. Originally from Puerto Rico, Ivis recently began a tenure-track position at the University of Utah.


UPP administrative duties are shared between elected faculty positions and a professional administrative and support staff.

Students + Alumni

View profiles of MUPP students and alumni to learn what motivates them, how they came to UPP, what they plan to do or have done post-graduation.