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Curtis Winkle, PhD, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Rutgers University, Department of Urban Planning and Policy Development, 1986. Dissertation: "Planning on the Third Sector: Toward Empirically-Based Theory of Nonprofit Supply of Community-Based Health and Social Services." Thesis advisors: Robert Beauregard, Susan Fainstein, Paul Lerman and Julian Wolpert. M.C.R.P., Rutgers University, Department of Urban Planning and Policy Development, 1980. B.S., Cum Laude, Indiana State University, Urban Studies, 1978.

Research Interests

Coalition development, Prevention, AIDS services, Role of the nonprofit sector

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UPP 501 Urban Space, Place and Institutions 
UPP 502 Planning Skills: Computers, Methods and Communication
UPP 506 Plan-Making Studio
UPP 541 Community Development II: Practice 
UPP 543 Planning for Healthy Cities

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Botchwey, Nisha D., S. Hobson, A. Dannenberg, K. Mumford, C. Contant, T. McMillan, R. Jackson, R. Lopez, C. Winkle. 2009. A Model Curriculum for a Course on the Built Environment and Public Health: Training for an Interdisciplinary Workforce. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 36 (2): S63-S71. Publisher's link.

Curtis R. Winkle and Douglas G. Ward-Chene, "Power, Social Support and HIV-Related Service Use: The Role of Community and Homelessness," Journal of Health & Social Policy, Vol. 4 (2), 1992: 47-72. 

Curtis R. Winkle, "Inequity and Power in the Nonprofit Sector: A Comparative Analysis of AIDS-Related Services for Gay Men and Intravenous Drug Users in Chicago," Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Vol. 20, (3), 1991: 313-328. Stephen P. Wernet, Kirsten A.

Gronbjerg, and Curtis R. Winkle, "Introduction: Symposium Issue: Papers for the 1991 ARNOVA Conference," Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Vol. 20 (3), 1991: 207-209. 

Curtis R. Winkle, "Supply-side theory of the Role of the Nonprofit Sector: An Analysis of Two Case Studies," Towards the 21st Century: Challenges for the Voluntary Sector: Proceedings of the 1990 Conference of the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars Vol. 2 London: Center for Voluntary Organization, 1990. 

Curtis R. Winkle, book review of Ralph M. Kramer, Voluntary Agencies in the Welfare State and Dennis R. Young, If Not For Profit, For What? in Journal of the American Planning Association 50 (Autumn, 1984): 537-8. 

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Room 229

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