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New hire info

You should already have received the checklist from Wei Liu with instructions on how to complete your HR processing. Here's some information that will hopefully help you get up to speed on how things work in the Department of Urban Planning and Policy and on the campus.

First, your NetID: Your NetID gives you access to many campus services (email, library, Blackboard, etc.) To activate your Net ID and UIC email account, go to this page. An active UIC email account is necessary for Faculty Self-Service and Blackboard.

Next, your Enterprise ID and Password. You are given the option to claim your Enterprise ID when activating your NetID. If you did not claim your Enterprise ID when activating your NetID, go to this page. Your login name is your NetID [at] uic [dot] edu.

Note that the NetID and Enterprise ID may seem the same and may have the same password, but they are different. The first one (NetID) allows you to access campus specific sites and services - such as UIC email, campus computers and Blackboard. The second (EnterpriseID) allows you to access the University-wide administrative system for official records, such as Faculty Self-Service. If you choose, you may make the password for these two IDs different.

And an I-Card: Obtain an I-Card letter from Wei Liu and take it to the Photo ID office in the Student Services Building (SSB), located on the northwest corner of Harrison and Racine (1200 West Harrison Street) to obtain an I-Card (used for parking, library books, building access). You must bring photo ID with you to receive your I-Card. There is a front desk in this building and staff can point you to the Photo ID office.

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Academic calendar / holidays

Click here for the academic calendar, including beginning and end of instruction and finals week. Click here for a list of university holidays (click through HR Calendars on top nav bar). If your class is scheduled on a holiday, you have several options, including holding a final class session during finals week or scheduling a make-up class.

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Class meeting day / time / location

The online schedule is here. Click on “Schedule of Classes Department View” in the bulleted list; click on pull down “Select Term” menu (even if default is correct). This will generate a pull down menu of departments; scroll down and select UPP. Under this pulldown menu, change default on “Section Options” to “All” and then click search.

Reading the online schedule: The CRN is the unique 5-digit course identifier; in the Location column, 2 indicates Chicago campus, letters indicate building and a key to building abbreviations is on the East Side campus map on this page, final number is the room number.

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Class roster / contact students

You can view your roster and email students through the UIC portal. Login (nav bar at left). You will login as existing portal user (as you already have netid and passwords).

On the next page, click on the "Academics" tab at the top of the page. In the box on the right, click on "Job Aide: How to Email Your Class and Print Your Class Roster".

NOTE: The roster you view through UIC Portal is the official roster; you should check for discrepancies between your Blackboard roster and the roster in Web for Faculty around the 2nd week of class, to make sure any late registrants/dropped students are reflected in the Blackboard roster, and again around the 13th week of class. This will allow time to communicate with students and correct any potential registration problems (students who have been attending not appearing on the roster or students who have not been attending remaining on the roster).

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Classroom access / media

Unless you are teaching in Art and Exhibition Hall (AEH, adjacent to CUPPA Hall), your classroom will be open.

Check this page to see what media resources are in your assigned classroom (other than AEH rooms) and instructions for use.

If you are teaching in AEH, please contact Ashley McKinney (312-996-5240) to arrange for classroom keys.

All media requests for AEH classrooms should be directed to Requests should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

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Report classroom problem

In AEH classrooms, contact Ashley McKinney (312-996-5240). After 5 p.m., contact the CUPPA Dean’s office 312-413-8088.

Outside of AEH, for classroom issues such as missing seating, heating and cooling problems, lighting issues, missing chalk: please send a note to and give an explanation of your issue. This account is checked throughout the day. Each note is distributed to the responsible party and the person who originated the note is kept informed about its status. You should also note in the subject line of the e-mail the building, room number and a condensed reference to the issue. For instance - BH 208 too hot.

If your classroom on campus is locked, please call UIC Non-Emergency at 312-996-2830. They will send someone from student patrol to unlock the classroom door.

You can find additional contact info for Learning Environments and Technology Services (phone, instant messaging) on this page. You might review their FAQ first on this page for answers to many questions about media access and use.

For classroom scheduling and room change requests please email Ann Barnds.

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Access to CUPPA Hall

If you have problems with swipe card access to the UPP suite or CUPPA Hall, please email and include your UIN. For keys and swipe access to AEH classrooms, please contact Ashley McKinney.

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Request Blackboard site

Blackboard use is optional, but its functionalities will make managing teaching much easier. You can upload PDF readings, send email to students, have assignments submitted electronically, keep grades and more. Instructions, information and login from this page. You can also create a UIC Box account for simple file sharing.

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Copying class materials

You can make copies and scan readings on the department’s copier. Contact Ashley McKinney to arrange to get a copy code.

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Grade policy / submission

Grading policy, grade submission schedule and instructions are all detailed on this page.

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