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The Department of Urban Planning and Policy recognizes that planning is increasingly a global activity, and works to provide students with opportunities for international exchange that will broaden their perspective on the practice of planning and enhance their ability to work globally.

Currently, the two primary vehicles for students to gain international experience are the Department's negotiated agreements with the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin and with the Peace Corps for participation in the Masters International program.

Students in the department may also pursue opportunities through study abroad. This is typically done either by participation in exchange programs developed by other accredited planning departments or through arranging to study at institutions abroad that have a negotiated agreement with UIC through its Office of International Affairs.


Students wishing to pursue their options for study abroad should consult with Ann Barnds early in the process, to ensure that their planned study abroad will be accepted towards fulfillment of degree requirements in UPP. It is strongly recommended that students wishing to study abroad seek advising on how to accomplish this when they enter the MUPP program.

University College Dublin

Through an agreement negotiated between the UIC's Office of International Affairs for the Department of Urban Planning and Policy (UPP) and the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin (UCD), an exchange program is available for graduate students from each institution to progress towards their degrees while accumulating course credit at the exchange partner institution. At UIC, the exchange is open to full-time enrolled graduate students in the MUPP or PhD program.

The Master of Regional and Urban Planning degree offered by UCD is considered the foremost Masters planning program in both Ireland and the UK. It is the only planning degree with professional accreditation from both the Irish Planning Institute and the Royal Town Planning Institute. Unlike many European Masters degree programs, it is a two-year program, with an academic calendar and credit structure that make exchange between the two institutions very practical for students in either program. Students are also eligible to take courses from UCD’s Masters of Science in Environmental Policy program. A curriculum review of courses offered in both programs has established equivalencies for transfer both of credit and fulfillment of requirements to the degree.

UPP students attending UCD will be registered as international exchange students at UCD, and have rights to classes and facilities. Students will register for credit at UIC, will be assessed UIC range tuition and fees, and may apply financial aid to pay their tuition and fees at UIC.

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University of Toulouse

Students in the department with adequate preparation can study at the University of Toulouse-le Mirail's National School of Architecture in their international masters program in historic preservation. Instruction is conducted in English and French; if you are interested in this program please contact Ann Barnds.

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Study abroad with other planning programs

Students may receive credit for participating in study abroad programs organized by planning departments at other universities. Please seek advising from Ann Barnds before enrolling in another university’s program, to discuss if and how credit at UIC will be granted.

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UIC Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs is based in the Office of Public and Government Affairs at UIC. OIA represents UIC abroad and in relations with local and national partners who collaborate with UIC on international projects. In some cases, UPP students may be able to organize a study abroad experience at a UIC partner institution. This process is detailed and specific, and students should contact Ann Barnds after reviewing a list of UIC's active global agreements.

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