Urban Planning & Policy at UIC

In one of the world's great cities, Urban Planning & Policy (UPP) at UIC has led the way in preparing students for careers for over 40 years. Grounded in social equity and sustainability, we teach students to use innovative concepts and technology to address urban issues.

Masters in Urban Planning & Policy

UIC's MUPP degree, ranked 16th nationally, is the only professional planning program in the Chicago metro area accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. UPP graduates have built successful careers in public and private sector planning and management throughout the city, region, country and the world.

Undergraduate education

An innovative new 4-year BA in Urban Studies and minors in Urban Studies and Geographic Information Sciences provide options for exploring urban issues and preparing for a variety of careers. Current UPA students please check this page.

PhD in Urban Planning & Policy

The PhD program has a traditional research focus, preparing students for university faculty positions as well as careers as urban policy analysts and researchers. Four year funding available.

Certificate programs

The department offers two campus certificates to both current students and non-degree students with a bachelors degree: the certificate in Geospatial Analysis and Visualization (GSAV) and the certificate in Public Transit Planning and Management (PTPM).

Study abroad

The department supports and encourages students to explore opportunities to study abroad, recognizing that planning is increasingly a global activity. We work to provide students with opportunities for international exchange that will improve their perspective on planning practice and enhance their ability to work globally.